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A short Medical History form is required prior to this treatment to ensure your safety.

~ A revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. It is the worlds first hair removal system that is VIRTUALLY PAINLESS—and it is available exclusively at Confident Image Chez France.  See Client Guide for detailed information.

• No anesthesia or numbing gels required
• For all pigmented hair and all skin types
• Fast hair removal
• All body areas

  • 10 min. (minimum)  $22
  • 15 min. - $28
  • 30 min. - $38
  • 45 min. - $55

Electrolysis -  100% Permanent Hair Removal

Unveil your natural beauty and self-confidence...

~ ​The only 100% permanent hair removal method which is recognized and approved by the medical community.  There is a reason why Electrolysis has been an active profession since it's beginning in 1875.  Since then, technology has advanced, yet the theory and results remain unchanged.  At Confident Image Chez France, the electrolysis equipment is of the latest technology and uses modulated currents to ensure quick, effective and comfortable hair removal...Permanently!  

All skin types and hair types can be treated in all areas. The number of treatments will vary depending on hair type, area being treated, regularity of appointments and hormonal factors.  We only use STERILE DISPOSABLE needles. Call today to book your complementary consultation and discover the most efficient customized treatment for YOU!

  • Upper Lip - $70
  • Lip & Chin - $95
  • Face, Lip, Chin & Neck - $125
  • Underarms - $120
  • Regular Bikini - $160
  • Full Bikini (LA) - $200
  • Lower Legs - $285
  • Upper Legs & Bikini - $365 

Single and package pricing available.  A price quotation to be issued during a complimentary consultation. Additional discounts may apply when treating multiple areas in same visit.

"We are qualified and certified in providing preventive care for the skin and offer treatments to keep the skin healthy and attractive.  Having that knowledge enables us to detect skin problems that may require medical attention.  We are able to assist you with benign skin lesions and will make necessary recommendations should a physician be needed for further analysis and diagnosis of any suspicious lesions and / or request a physician's note before treatment of any kind.  We are happy to assist you in keeping your skin healthy and safe!"

Imagine...never having to shave...

Laser -  90% - 95% Permanent Hair Removal