Acne / Oily / Combination Skin Type

Anti-Cellulite Cream

190ml - $168

Sensitive / Reactive / Rosacea Skin Type

Anti-Aging Lipid Regenerator

30ml - $90

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All Skin Types

Eye Contour Cream
Anti-Aging, Brightening  

15ml - $56  -  30ml - $112

UNDE Concentrate

Anti-Spot, Hydrating Serum

50ml - $137

Anti-Aging / Pigmentation / Dehydrated Skin Type

Gel Cleanser
Antioxidant, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Age

130ml - $61

Cappapranol Complex
Soothing Hydration for

Extremely Dry Skin 

100ml- $111

 Intensive Regulating Complex

Oil Regulator

30ml - $84

Whitening Pens easily and effectively whitens customers teeth in just minutes. They simply paint a thin layer on the visible surfaces of their teeth and let dry. Within minutes they will have a noticeable, brighter, whiter, smile!

Rescue Lift Gel

Anti-aging, Anti-Inflammation 

Firming Serum

30ml - $72  -  60ml - $122

3A Cream Moisturizer

Normal/Combination Skin

60ml - $107


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100% Mineral SPF
UVA/UVB Physical Block 

180ml - $92

Available by consultation:

  • Cleansers & Scrubs

  • Specialty Serums

  • Eye Products

  • Moisturizers

  • Retinols

  • Sunscreens

  • Acne Products

  • Sensitive & Redness-prone Skin

  • Antioxidants

  • Exzymatic Peel

  • AHA Renewal Serum

Cosmeceutical & Medical Skin Care

"Finding their strength at the heart of nature and their intelligence at the core of science.  Feeling good about yourself takes on a new meaning with healthy looking skin."​​

The AlumierMD Skin Care Professional

The key to beautiful skin is the skin care professional who can customize your product and treatment recommendations.  

Using the correct formulations is crucial for optimal results just as using the incorrect ones can be detrimental.  As trained AlumierMD skin care professionals, we have in-depth knowledge and are trained on their formulas.  We will help you find the best product and treatment regimen for your specific skin profile.  And, for your convenience, you'll be able to replenish your purchases online with the unique access code provided by your skin care professional.

Sun Protection All Skin Types

Spinach Lip Balm
Antioxidant, Anti-Age Hydration

5ml- $31

100% Mineral Powder SPF
UVA/UVB Physical Block 

Tube - $70


Individuals have unique skin profiles, which means one product or skin care regimen does not suit all.  Skin types include dry, normal, combination and oily.  Skin conditions include rosacea, sensitive, acne and hyperpigmentation. 

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Receive a complementary skin care analysis and consultation.  We will assist you in targeting your skin concerns and provide true RESULTS!

Teeth Whitening Pen

Professional Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


​​​AquaFolia, a Canadian Cosmeceutical Skin Care Line

Rescue Cream Moisturizer

Anti-Aging Soothing

60ml - $124

UNDE Cream
Anti-Spot, Anti-Age Moisturizer 

50ml - $136

Exfoliants Step 1 & 2
Anti-Aging, Hydrating 

30ml - $65 each

3A Fluid Moisturizer

Oily Skin

60ml - $107

"Our retail skincare lines do not just “dust” their products with expensive ingredients to make marketing claims. They research the optimal ingredients and concentrations to create prescription-strength formulations for a wide range of skin concerns.  Their ingredients are of optimum quality and use natural origin extracts."    

100% Mineral EYESCREEN SPF
UVA/UVB Physical Block 

Tube - $30

100% Mineral Glow Powder Cover
45ml - $34

Specialty Serums for Dry / Dehydrated / Sensitive Skin Type

Unveil your natural beauty and self-confidence...

Medical Skin Care

Other Products

Rescue Concentrate Spray

Soothing, Hydrating Serum 

230ml - $98

Anti-Spot, Anti-Age Conditioning 

75ml - $122

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